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  1. We could not find this place. Its out in farm land, were traveling with 2 kids, maybe with a GPS and some stealth it could be found.

  2. Frpm Adel proceed east on the highway across the valley. At the east side of the valley, where the highway turns south, turn off (left) and head north along the east side of the valley and crump lake 10 miles on a gravel/dirt road. Its on the right a few yards off the small road about a half mile north of the old ranch house. Two steams (hot) coming out of the side hill. The old grave site of a “Fisher” is above the springs. Usually just a couple bath tubs that will need to be flushed out as it isn’t used that often. I always take a 5 gallon jug of cold water as the hot spring feed (black tube] will be too hot to use after flushing and refilling the tub. One of my favorite places in Oregon. The distant reference point is a large redish looking rock out cropping above the springs along the east valley wall.

  3. The dirt road is no longer marked as vandals have been a detestable problem and destroy the petroglyphs on the large rocks along the road. The road actually meanders across ranch land and by a couple of homesteads north jof the hot springs to link in with a road on the east side of Hart Lake (dry). There’s also a “glass house” built on a bluff a few miles past the hot springs.

  4. We LOVED this hot springs! A small pool (fit two people), and a bathtub overlook a peaceful valley. Absolutely breathtaking, so we stayed for hours! It was truly unique.

    We went when there was a foot of snow, and followed the location I marked on my google maps (on my phone). The “dirt road” off of Foothills Road (gate shut and covered in snow), was just past the farm house that is next to fisher hot springs creek. We walked up it, and followed the online map to it’s basic location. The above location is a little off, it is actually at the start of “fisher hot springs creek.”

  5. Thinking about visiting in 2 weeks. Averie, was it easy to find? Any help would be appreciated 🙂

  6. We could not find it… nav sent us basically to a house.

  7. Tree, yes! It was easy to find, but here is a trick- it really does take a leap of faith, it feels like you are trespassing (fingers crossed I wasn’t 😉

    The map on this page has a little box on the left hand corner, if you click on that, it will show you the satellite view. Locate the Hot springs (remember the Springs is at the START of Fisher hot springs creek.).

    Just below (South) of the springs, is a OLD road/property line. There is a fence blocking that road, we climbed over that. Travel west on that road by foot. From the end of that road, travel northwest. I’m not sure if there are trails (we walked through a foot of snow to get there), you may have to go off the beaten path and rely on GPS (we used iPhone with google maps, and I aimed us for the start of the creek).

    That being said, if you look at the map, you can see the road Don mentioned, and that might be a really cool way to get there time time of year, as I never did see the “glass house.”

    Good luck, and have a blast looking!

  8. Don’s directions above are for Fisher Hot Springs #1, located in South Central Oregon. This marker appears to be for Fisher Hot Springs #2, near Haines, Oregon.

  9. This hotsprings is closed. It is on private property that is clearly marked as no trespassing or hunting. The owners would appreciate if people would not trespass or molest this property. There are lots of other springs so please be respectful of the wishes and take care of the springs that we the public get to use.

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