A group of unknown/unlisted hot springs located in Oregon. Consider this the ‘projects’ portion of the site; the hot springs on this page will eventually have their own listing. If you have relevant information about any of the below hot springs (or any listed soaks for that matter) please do comment!

Barry Ranch
Calvery Chapel Bar M Ranch (formerly Bingham Hot Springs)
Bully Creek
Collins (near The Dalles)
Cove Warm Springs Pool
East Lake*
Easterday (AKA Lucky 7 Hot Springs)
Frenchglen Warm Springs* (AKA Barns Warm Springs – 0.2 miles east of Frenchglen followed by a 0.9 mile hike down an old dirt road)
Grande Hot Springs (formerly Eagles Hot Lake)
Greeley Bar*
Hidaway Springs
Hot Sulphur
Joaquin Miller
Jonesboro Warm Springs
Klobe (AKA Bartholomae)
Little Borax
Little Valley
Lower Snively
Mine Creek
Moore Well
South Black Widow
South Harney Lake*
Warner Valley

Just Inside Nevada
Bog Hot Springs*
Virgin Valley Warm Springs*

Just Inside Washington
Bonneville Hot Springs
Carson Hot Springs
Wind River Hot Springs*

* = listing in process