Umpqua Hot Springs Temporary Road Closure

Umpqua National Forest has temporarily closed off road access to Umpqua Hot Springs past the junction of Forest Roads 34 and 3401.

A gate located one and a half miles from the hot springs trailhead was recently locked due weather conditions and to prevent hot potters from getting stuck in the mud.

Please note, Umpqua Hot Springs is not closed and remains accessible with a 1.5 mile extension hike.

Contact the Toketee Ranger Station for additional information by calling 541-498-2531 or 541-496-4020.


Fight the Good Fight with

I know I know. GASP! An actual blog post from SoakOregon! What!?

That’s right soak seekers. is stoked to announce that a portion of the site is now dedicated to good causes!

And, with that here are the first 4 good causes that are now live in rotation on the site.

  1. Adopt-a-pet
  2. Advocates for the West
  3. Buffalo Field Campaign
  4. Never Cry Wolf

FYI, SoakOregon doesn’t make any money promoting good causes. As it should be. However, if you know of a good cause drop us a line and we’ll see if we can get it in rotation.

Site News

SoakOregon has updated listings for Bigelow, Blue Mountain, Cougar and Jackson Wellsprings with more to come. Travel tips including important seasonal dates were added to Oregon road conditions.

Geothermal News

If you possess an affinity for neighboring geothermal laced Idaho, here’s a stellar guide to the best hot springs for cross-country skiing and yurt adventures.

Earth Hour – One Hour No Power 2012

Earth Hour – One Hour No Power 2012

8:30pm Local Time – Saturday, March 31st

It’s almost that time of the year again; a time at which a coordinated effort is made in support of the environment across the globe. A time during which everyone is encouraged to turn their power off, for one hour… Earth Hour – One Hour No Power.

In 2011, all seven continents joined the Earth Hour – One Hour No Power movement, even the Cartoon Network halted transmissions for one hour. In 2010, a record-breaking 126 countries helped raise awareness for climate change, including destinations like the Las Vegas Strip, Mount Rushmore, The Empire State Building and Niagara Falls. Learn more about the history of Earth Hour…

Scheduled Downtime

So, setup and turn-on that reminder alarm on your phone, calendar and project management app for 8:30pm, March 31st and Shut. Down. Everything!

If you have a WordPress powered website or blog, grab a nifty plugin right here. This will automatically take your site down for one hour and display a message and links in support of the Earth Hour movement.

Don’t have WordPress? No worries! There are plenty of banners, posters, logos and videos available for placement on your website, blog and/or social network right here.

Earth Hour Flickr Global Stream

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