Paulina Lake Hot Springs

Paulina Lake Hot Springs

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  1. One pool is hot, the second is warm and the third and fourth are lukewarm. There was some waiting for the hot pool to become available, but everyone was respectful! Beautiful hike in! You follow the lake and then begin to weave into the forest and uphill. Do not let this deter you. As you cut back toward the lake, there are paths directly off the main path and down toward the lake.

  2. Do you think it would be warm enough to go at the end of December?

  3. Also looking at a visit days before Christmas,is this site open, available?

  4. You can only get to Paulina Lake by snowmobile in the winter. Road is closed at 10-Mile Sno Park.

  5. Does anyone know the status of the southern end hot springs?

  6. The part that makes me sad is the featured photo of the dog. So man hot springs of my youth are now sullied by glass, drugs, butts, feces both human and dog and those with no environmental ehtic. How about a link to leave no trace instead of the dog ?

  7. True that. Pic was removed. We do actually have a LNT link and banner running site-wide with other advocacy issues. There are a number of us that actively clean-up hot springs, often in groups. You might consider organizing an effort for Paulina. We would be more than happy to promote it, just let us know. We have also found that bringing extra bags to haul out trash and offer to other soakers is a solid approach. Thank you for commenting.

  8. On a Memorial Day Weekend, the ranger advised us that we could be fined for digging a hot spring pool as they try to have a policy of Leave No Trace (LNT). The rangers spend time trying to fill them back in.

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