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Mickey Hot Springs

Mickey Hot Springs is home to a series of geothermal pools that bubble up from deep within the earth, creating a colorful and otherworldly landscape that’s truly breathtaking. The hot springs are known for their vibrant colors, ranging from bright turquoise to rusty red and even black. These colors are caused by the presence of various minerals in the water, including iron, sulfur and calcium, which create a stunning visual display that’s unlike anything else in the world. Mickey is not safe for soaking!

Mickey Hot Springs

One of the unique features of Mickey Hot Springs is the surrounding landscape, which is dotted with colorful geothermal vents, bubbling mud pots and steam vents.

Mickey Hot Springs Map

Oregon Hot Springs Map

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Before you go...

Finding the right hot springs is just the first step. Elevate your soak from good to phenomenal with essential equipment:

✅ Extra large quick-drying towels.
Water shoes to protect your feet.
✅ Trusted Nalgene water bottle.
✅ Oregon map for your car and pack.

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3 thoughts on “Mickey Hot Springs”

  1. This spring freaked out the kids, great scenery, but most of the pools are too hot for soaking. Heed the sign at the fence/trailhead.

  2. There used to be boiling mud pots here, not sure anymore.  Has anyone been there lately to verify.  Definitely way hot, stay out, would love to see it in Winter.  SG PDX

  3. I was there maybe 20 years ago and while some of the pools were very hot, it was certainly possible to soak in others. A later attempt to visit was foiled due to a flat tire on the very rough road north of Fields. Drive slowly!

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