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Beulah Hot Springs

Beulah Reservoir Hot Springs in Oregon

Located in a former reservoir turned cattle grazing area and housed in a crumbling structure complete with partially rusted out bathtub, Beulah Hot Springs could use some TLC. With ample flow and water temperature, Beulah could be resurrected. That is if all of the local farmers and private residences within view don’t mind.

There is actually potential here, but the old bathtub that houses the pool has got to go. As does the structure that is built around and into the tub. The hoses that carry the hot water from the source to the tub need replacing and re-positioning as well. What once was is now too far gone for repair. The flow from the source is questionable too. Even with some re-engineering there just might not be enough water moving to keep soakers happy.

The reservoir that the hot springs is on is no longer… it is now a range for cattle grazing. A few miles away you can find some nice primitive camping just off the road towards Juntura, but besides that, the land around the hot springs seems to be private even though it is marked on the map as BLM land. The map shows Beulah Reservoir as an actual reservoir too though.

Seasonal Notes
The road could turn into muck-pots in rain and deteriorates the closer you get to the HS (4×4 recommended during rain/snow seasons).

Camping Notes
BLM camping a few miles from the hot springs, private residences and property everywhere else.

Beulah Hot Springs Map and Directions

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West of Juntura from highway 20, take the dirt Beulah Road about 17 miles north and look for a roughed-up structure a few yards west just past the empty reservoir.

Beulah Hot Springs Soak Stats:

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall (access road often closed during winter)
Type: Roadside
GPS: 43.944 118.136
Map Quad: BEULAH 15
Elevation: 3,400 ft
Land: Public – Vale District BLM, Malheur Resource Area
Fee: No
Restrictions: None
Usage: Low
Visibility: High
Temp: n/a
Water Clarity: Semi-Clear
Odor: n/a
pH: n/a
Area Features: n/a
Closest Food/Gas: Juntura
Trash: Moderate
Bugs: Moderate
Wildlife: Moderate
Camping: No on-site
Clothing Optional: No
Pit Toilet: No

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  1. Avoid making this a visit spot. Its nothing special, the area is so small its easily overlooked and if found, it looks like a port-O-potty with a semi functional “hot” spring (it dribbles out of a pipe) Just avoid this area

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