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Breitenbush Hot Springs

Located within the boundaries of a 150+ acre wildlife sanctuary in the Willamette National Forest, Breitenbush hot springs is much more than just a blissful hot soak in the woods. As if round-the-clock access to one of Oregon’s most amazing natural hot springs wasn’t enough, overnight guests also receive 3 vegetarian buffet meals each day and can opt to attend holistic yoga, EDGU and meditation programs.

Breitenbush Hot Springs Summer 2024 Access Notice

Breitenbush Highway 46 will be open this summer, but travelers should expect delays and temporary closures. Starting May 15, the road connecting Detroit to Estacada will be intermittently closed on weekdays to rebuild sections of roadway damaged by the 2020 Labor Day wildfires. Temporary closures are expected to last through September.

Breitenbush is the largest private geothermal facility in the Pacific Northwest. It offers more than 20 miles of hiking trails, a meditative labyrinth, sanctuary, conference center, gift shop, camping and limited lodging.

Breitenbush Natural Pool Soak
Enjoying a hot soak in one of the outdoor pools at Breitenbush

Due to its proximity to the mountains, and in line with its sustainability practices, Breitenbush is “off the grid”. Hydropower and geothermal energy provide electricity and heat for the property.

You will not find cell service, internet or TV here. Also, please note that alcohol, recreational drugs and pets are not permitted.

A visit to Breitenbush goes beyond your typical hot springs resort. Whether you come for the day or stay awhile, they offer you the opportunity to truly disconnect and commune with nature, your fellow humans and yourself.

Reservations are required.

Breitenbush Hot Springs Soaking Pools

Seven hot springs pools in two main areas grace soakers at Breitenbush. Behind the lodge, closer to the river are the SpiralTubs. Four sunken concrete tubs of varying temperatures lie within a concrete deck beneath an open sky. There is a bench which is covered, to place your belongings.

Each pool comfortably seats four to six people. Along with the Spiral tubs is a mineral water cold plunge which has been cooled by means of copper pipes submerged in the river.


Another soaking option is the Sacred Meadow pools. Three river rock-lined pools overlook the Breitenbush River and forested ridgeline. The furthest of the three is reserved for silent contemplation, where no talking is allowed.

All pools range in temperature from 100 to 110 degrees and are clothing-optional areas.

A small cedar cabin perched above a hot springs creek provides access to the Steam Sauna, which seats up to 12 people. On the deck sits a cold water tub perfect for plunging and refreshing!

Breitenbush Hot Springs Rates and Hours

Day use rates are $35 per adult/teen (13+), children 5-12 are $20, age 0-4 free. Payment must be made in advance and is non-refundable. The vegetarian lunch buffet can be added on to your reservation.

Breitenbush Hot Springs Overnight Accommodations

Overnight guests are afforded the unique experience of enjoying a hot soak under the stars. Breitenbush offers a wide variety of overnight accommodations. One is sure to fit your style.

  • Outdoor Summer Tent Camping: Wooded sites to fit a medium-sized tent. There are no picnic tables and fires are not permitted. Open from Memorial Day through the end of September.
  • Outdoor Summer Platform Tent Camping: Placed upon a covered wooden platform sits a generously sized tent which includes two foam camp mattresses and room for an additional mattress. Open from Memorial Day through the end of September.
  • Personal Vehicle Site: For the wanderer who sleeps in their van or truck camper. There are no hook-ups, and these spaces do not accommodate pull-behind trailers. Open seasonally from early May through October
  • Lodge Rooms: Located in the historic lodge are two small lodge rooms, each with a double bed.
  • Coming in January: 24 new overnight guestrooms

Please note that visitors are responsible for bringing their own bedding. Bedding and towels are available for rent. FYI, there are no phone/Internet access or cellular signals at Breitenbush… just you and mother nature.

Three organic vegetarian buffet-style meals are provided for all overnight guests which are included in the nightly rate.

hot spring pool

Camping and Lodging Fees

FYI, rates may vary depending on the time of the year.

  • Tent and Personal Vehicle rates start from $112/night (summer only)
  • Platform Tent rates start from $142/night (summer only)
  • Aviary Tent rates start from $182/night (summer only)
  • The Milk Way rates start from $117/night
  • Lodge Room rates start from $142/night
  • Grove Room rates start from $187/night
  • Bell Hotel Room rates start from $207/night
  • River Yurt rates start from $302/night
  • Mushroom/Sundial Yurt rates start from $252/night
  • Forest Shelter rates range from $272/night

Breitenbush Hot Springs Facilities

Throughout the year Breitenbush Hot Springs plays host to over 150 celebrations, conferences and workshops. Their facilities feature the following:

  • Steam sauna and massage
  • Historic lodge with spacious decks
  • Artisan and book gift shop
  • Library
  • Hiking trails
  • Stone labyrinth
  • Forest shelter
  • Cedar river yurt
  • Buddha’s Playhouse
  • Monthly Inipi Ceremony (sweat lodge)
  • Conference room

Breitenbush Hot Springs : Office

Breitenbush History Lesson

Native Americans were the first to enjoy the many benefits of Breitenbush hot springs. They would come from hundreds of miles to fish, hunt, pick berries and utilize the springs for ritual purification and healing.

In 1873 John Minto led an expedition to the North Santiam Canyon and met a one-armed hunter, John Breightenbush, along the way. The hot springs now bear this man’s name.

Breitenbush holds a colorful history amongst its trees and mountains. Having changed hands multiple times, it experienced a sort of rebirth in 1977 when Alex Beamer bought the land. His aim was to create an intentional community to operate a retreat and conference center.

Many years were spent restoring the property. People were invited to join in the restoration, and in 1981 the Breitenbush reopened for those seeking to participate in personal retreats, workshops and celebrations.

In 1985 the community which had come together to care for this special place purchased the land from Alex Beamer and hence the Breitenbush cooperative corporation was born. Community members and friends have reclaimed more than 20 miles of trails available to the public. More than 35 years have passed and Breitenbush hot springs and its community are thriving.

Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Map and Driving Directions

View Oregon Hot Springs Map

Breitenbush Driving Directions

Breitenbush Hot Springs Video

Breitenbush hot springs, Oregon: The spiral tubs



Breitenbush Rustic Cabin

Breitenbush Hot Springs cabin

Breitenbush Circa 1940

Bruckman's Breitenbush Springs, Oregon

Breitenbush Hot Springs Soak Stats:

Season: All – check Oregon road reports during winter
Type: Roadside
GPS: 44.782 121.975
Elevation: 2,225 ft
Land: Private (Commercial)
Fee: Yes – check current rates and/or make reservations
Restrictions: Reservations Required
Usage: High
Visibility: Moderate
Temp: Varies/pool
Water Clarity: Clear
Odor: n/a
pH: n/a
Area Features: Breitenbush River
Nearby Hot Springs: Bagby Hot Springs
Closest Food/Gas: Detroit
Trash: Low
Bugs: Moderate
Wildlife: Moderate
Camping: Paid on-site (summer only)
Clothing Optional: Yes
Pit Toilet: Yes

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  1. Lost springs and ruins! Does anybody know about the spring down river from the Silent Pool? It is not on Breitenbush property but rather Forest Service. It looks like it was once a very developed and cared for site now fallen into near-complete disrepair. There was a lot of concrete, some if it still baring patches of blue and white tile, a couple of intact single pools and a lot of mucky steaming concrete vats. There was a well maintained trail heading away from the springs, but I only followed it about a quarter mile. There was also poison ivy along the border between the properties. I was wandering on a dear trail from the Retreat and do not encourage anyone to take it. It was such a stark juxtaposition coming from Breitenbush to this over-engineered then forgotten sacred place. Do these springs have a name?

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