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Foley Hot Springs

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10 thoughts on “Foley Hot Springs”

  1. Foley Springs is now owned by Carol Ach, who along with her brood, run McKenzie River Organic Farm in Leaburg, OR. She and her late partner, Douglas Moser, purchased the property in late 2001ish. Her children have big plans to develop the property into some kind of for profit “Breitenbush-esque” resort, but this hasn’t happened to date. The spring is gushing from an underground source and is frequented by numerous animals due to the massive salt licks on the rocks. It is piped to an old swimming pool, which the owners now use for private parties. I have been to the springs on 6 occasions. It is as nice as any of the reputed hot springs in Oregon and the lithia content in the water seems greater. Very relaxing. I wouldn’t trespass either as the owners are likely to shoot first, ask questions later….You can always ask to use it, as there are now cabins on site, but the asking price will be more akin to California type hot springs resorts without the service. In other words, they’re in it for the money….

  2. The owners also own Mackenzie River Organic Farm. AKA Red Neck Organic farm. You could check their website and try to contact them.

  3. I snuck up there yesterday. It was nasty, geese in the pool, dirty, and the people threatened to call the sheriff! It’s not worth the effort.

  4. I used to spend a lot of time up there. I helped Carol & Douglas run the cold water pipes from Horse Creek to the pool house. We used to help keep the place clean. Soaking in the tubs, swimming in the pool, wonderful memories.

  5. I think that was President Roosevelt’s hunting ground for the elk. He had them flown in… and named them “Roosevelt Elk”. Many a good time for both him and I… But a was soaking and loving the warm water!

  6. I asked about this hot spring at the ranger station when I visited this area on 4/16/18 and the staff told me that it’s a private property and don’t try to sneak in there because you might get shot. So that’s that.

  7. I used to go there frequently in the 80s with my family. That was actually the pool I learned to swim in (well, my gma threw me in and said ‘swim’!). I have a lot of fond memories from there – holidays, the pool, the main house, the outhouse , etc. I’d love to go back for an hour or two…but from what I hear the current owners won’t entertain the idea.

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