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Unlisted Hot Springs

A group of unknown and/or unlisted hot springs located in Oregon.

Consider this the ‘projects’ portion of the site; some the hot springs on this page will eventually have their own listing.

If you have relevant information about any of the below hot springs (or any listed soaks for that matter) please do comment!

Unlisted Oregon Hot Springs

  • Barry Ranch: On private property south of Lakeview, no soaking opportunities, only leftover test wells from an Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries study.
  • Calvery Chapel Bar M Ranch (formerly Bingham Hot Springs)
  • Bully Creek
  • Canters (on the west end of Jordon Valley, dry due to area ranchers and farmers pumping from the aquifer back in the 1960s)
  • Collins (near The Dalles)
  • East Lake*
  • Fisher 2 (private property)
  • Greeley Bar*
  • Hallinan
  • Hideaway Springs
  • Hot Sulphur
  • Joaquin Miller
  • Jonesboro Warm Springs
  • Limekiln
  • Little Borax
  • Little Valley
  • Lower Breitenbush
  • Lower Snively
  • Millpond
  • Mine Creek
  • Moore Well
  • Ryegrass*
  • South Black Widow
  • South Harney Lake*
  • Venatore
  • Warner Valley

Just Inside Nevada

  • Bog*
  • Klobe (AKA Bartholomae)
  • Soldier Meadows*
  • Virgin Valley Warm Springs*

* = coming soon

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3 thoughts on “Unlisted Hot Springs”

    30 acre hot springs resort located two mile north of Ashland offering campground, spa, retreat center, events center, farm to table restaurant

  2. There’s a hot springs on private property just east of McKenzie Bridge that in 40s 50s had 2 story resort, was shady hot spot, burned down pool was still there a few years ago. I believe it was called Foley hot springs.

  3. Elizabeth Shibahara

    Glad to see Virgin Valley on this list. But it is a best kept secret place so maybe if you want to remove it from the list you could? If you do go because maybe you are road tripping from Southern Oregon to Utah or Nevada, do take fresh water as the camping is dry, dirt camping with pit toilets.

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