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8 Hot Springs Near Portland, Oregon

Rain or shine, it’s always a good time to visit hot springs in Oregon. While Portland is known for many things, most are unaware of the naturally hot soaks a mere 1-3 hours outside of city limits.

There are five hot springs located within a two-hour drive from Portland. The three closest hot springs are only an hour away, can be accessed via I-84 and are on the Washington side of the Columbia River. The other two hot springs are situated southeast of Portland in the Cascades and require a two-hour drive to reach.

Hot Springs Near Portland
Five hot springs near Portland in two regions – view the Oregon Hot Springs Map

In addition to the five hot springs above, further south in the Cascades are three others approximately a 2-3 hour drive from Portland.

Hot Springs 1 Hour from Portland

Just inside Washington near the town of Carson, are the three hot springs nearest to Portland. A commercial resort, a small group of private rental cabins and a HIGHLY seasonal non-commercial soak. Learn more about hot springs in Washington.

Carson Hot Springs Resort – 56 Miles

Carson Hot Springs Indoor Pool
View from one of the indoor hot pools at Carson

About an hour from Portland is a historic hot springs resort located in the town of the same name on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge. Carson Hot Springs features an authentic bathhouse, multiple hot pools, spa facilities, cozy overnight accommodations (with hot springs fed baths) and on-site dining. Perfect for staying the night and for day-tripping. To reach Carson Hot Springs drive on I-84 E to Cascade Locks, cross the bridge and take WA-14 E to St Martins Springs Rd, which leads to the resort.

Clothing Optional: No public/yes private
Season: All
Type: Commercial, Roadside
Rates: Check for latest
Closest Food/Gas: Carson

Tenzen Cabins and Springs – 57 miles

Tenzen Outdoor Hot Springs Tub
Tenzen outdoor hot springs tub

Tenzen Cabins and Springs is an exclusive group of six rental cabins that combines Japanese-inspired minimalism with Scandinavian spa culture, situated in the pristine Columbia River Gorge. The adults-only cabins are located outside Carson, Washington, on 100 acres of land and offer sublime views of the surrounding forests. Each cabin has its own private outdoor shower and soaking tub, fed by a continuous flow of geothermal hot spring water. To reach Tenzen Cabins and Springs drive on I-84 E to Cascade Locks, cross the bridge and take WA-14 E to Berge Rd and follow for 2.5 miles.

Clothing Optional: Yes, in an enclosed outdoor pool and shower.
Season: All
Type: Commercial, Roadside
Rates: Check for latest
Closest Food/Gas: Carson

Wind River Hot Springs – 51 Miles

Wind River Bedrock Hot Pools in WA
The two bedrock hot pools at Wind River

There’s nothing quite like a late-season hot soak in the bedrock pools of Wind River Hot Springs. Make no mistake, these pools are tough to reach. Not only is their accessibility limited to low water conditions (typically late July to mid-September), but they are also surrounded by private property. While there are other ways to access the riverbank hot pools, the most preferred route is to park within the city of Carson and hike to and ford Wind River (during low water conditions). Avoid parking along Indian Cabin Road, as area landowners have been known to cause trouble.

Clothing Optional: Yes (with caution)
Season: Late Jul-Mid Sep (all other times river level is too dangerous for crossing/pools are submerged)
Type: Public, Hike/River Ford
Fees: None
Pit Toilet: No
Closest Food/Gas: Carson

Hot Springs 2 Hours from Portland

South of Portland in the Mt. Hood and Willamette National Forests you will find two hot springs more than worthy of soaking your troubles away. Although all of the below hot pools can be accessed year-round caution should be exercised during winter. It is always a good idea to check road conditions before departure.

Bagby Hot Springs – 67 Miles

Bagby Hot Springs Soak
Enjoying a hot soak at Bagby Hot Springs

Frequently referred to as a Portlander rite of passage, Babgy Hot Springs is Oregon’s most popular public hot springs. A 1.5-mile hike through a tranquil old-growth forest leads to a variety of hot pools and soaking options. Ease your tired muscles into a hollowed-out log filled with hot water in private or enjoy a soak with friends old and new in a whiskey barrel-style hot tub.

There’s an actual backpacker campground just a quarter mile past the hot springs if you are up for backpacking. That is if you don’t feel like camping at the trailhead. Bagby is rare in that it is available for a hot soak 24/7 while most public hot springs in Oregon are closed at night.

Clothing Optional: Yes
Season: All (forest service road not maintained during winter)
Type: Public, Hike
Fees: $5/person
Pit Toilet: Yes
Closest Food/Gas: Estacada

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Breitenbush Hot Springs – 107 Miles

Breitenbush Natural Pool Soak
Enjoying a hot soak in one of the outdoor pools at Breitenbush

Breitenbush Hot Springs features abundant hot soaking pools, overnight accommodations, a vegetarian buffet and access to yoga and meditation programs. Add to that a 150-acre wildlife sanctuary, 20 miles of trails, campgrounds, dorms, a conference center and even a gift shop. All of these add up to the largest private geothermal facility in the Pacific Northwest.

From spiral tubs to meadow hot pools under the wide-open sky, Breitenbush maintains a variety of soaking options and temperatures. Interested in visiting this unique natural hot spring? You’ll need to make a reservation oftentimes well in advance.

Clothing Optional: Yes
Season: All (check road conditions during winter)
Type: Commercial, Roadside
Fees: $22-$38 per adult on a sliding scale
Pit Toilet: Yes
Closest Food/Gas: Detroit

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Hot Springs 2-3 Hours from Portland

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