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Bigelow Hot Springs

The small, 2-4 person sand and gravel pool at Bigelow (Deer Creek) Hot Springs is located near Highway 126 and is close to 60 miles from Eugene. The pool is in a forested area, which provides a peaceful and scenic setting for relaxing and soaking in the hot springs.

Nestled on the northern bank of McKenzie River, Bigelow is typically 102-104 during summer and fall. Winter conditions often result in a pool that is too cool for school (soaking).

Bigelow Hot Springs

Consider yourself lucky if you are able to enjoy Bigelow during the core summer season. Clothing is most definitely optional. There are no facilities on site, so bring your own supplies and pack out all trash – even if it’s not yours.

Bigelow Hot Springs Map and Directions

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Turn onto Forest Road 2654 off Highway 126 five miles from the Highway 126/Highway 242 junction. Drive across the bridge to the parking area and walk down to the river to the hot springs.

Bigelow Hot Springs Video

Bigelow Hot Springs Soak Stats:

Season: Summer, Fall (avoid during winter and spring, pool too cool)
Type: Roadside
GPS: 44.241 122.058
Map Quad: MCKENZIE BRIDGE 15, Willamette National Forest Map or Belknap Springs OR USGS 7.7 minute quadrangle
Elevation: 2,000
Land: Willamette National Forest
Fee: No
Restrictions: Nighttime closure
Usage: High
Visibility: High
Temp: 102-104 (summer/fall)
Water Clarity: Murky
Odor: n/a
pH: n/a
Area Features: McKenzie River
Nearby Hot Springs: Belknap Hot Springs, Terwilliger Hot Springs
Closest Food/Gas: McKenzie Bridge, Eugene, Bend
Trash: Moderate
Bugs: Moderate-High (seasonally)
Wildlife: Moderate
Camping: Nearby, no on-site
Clothing Optional: Yes
Pit Toilet: No

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11 thoughts on “Bigelow Hot Springs”

  1. Ok sorry but not worth the drive. Beautiful tho down to Springfield. It needs pumped out. Dug deeper. Bit of bleaching. Then maybe better. The sulfer smell and black stuff in the water nasty. Check out other ones couger was packed ! Didn’t stay.

  2. We ventured there today 3/10/18 and the hot spring was not hot yet. It was gorgeous and sunny, however, the actual pool is shallow and very mild in temperature. We hopped in and out with in 5 minutes. The trails have a bit of snow but we just used hiking boots and were fine.

  3. Google map directs you to nowhere. The hot spring was right off the bridge to the left side when you come in. The opposite side from the parking lot. Went there on 4/15/18 and it was definitely too cold to soak. It’s basically part of the edge of the McKenzie river, so, yeah, cold. It’s very pretty but has a stronger sulfur smell than some other hot springs even with cold temp water. A half of the spring is under the cave, which looked cool from outside but not sure about the water quality.

  4. As of 5.3.18 the Bigelow (aka: Deer Creek) Hot Spring was too cold do to the McKenzie river still being to high.
    As of 5.13.18 the river had come down enough that the springs had wormed up for a comfortable soak.

    As for Terwilliger (aka: Cougar) Hot Spring, The FS19 access road is still closed at both ends. The north end do to a very massive rock slide. As in rock bigger then your RV came down. The south end is closed for construction work.

  5. Hello northwoodshiker, how warm do you consider comfortable? Trying to decide whether it is warm enough to warrant the drive? Thanks!

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