Lithia Springs Resort Near Ashland, OR

Situated in the tranquil Rogue Valley and located 3 miles from downtown Ashland, Lithia Springs Resort offers guests a spa themed retreat from the daily grind. Mineral-rich artisan spring water can be enjoyed privately, inside guest rooms or in a public outdoor pool and jacuzzi.

Lithia Springs Resort

Picture: Lithia Springs Resort Entrance

Lithia Springs Resort Facilities

In addition to natural warm springs, the facilities at Lithia include a tea room, library and lobby with fireplace. Guests can choose from a variety of lodging from standard rooms to bungalows, suites and studios. Overnight visitors are also provided with complimentary parking, wi-fi, baked goods, a piping hot breakfast buffet and even afternoon tea.

Lithia Springs Resort Map and Driving Directions

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Lithia Springs Resort Videos

Lithia Springs Soak Stats:

Season: All
Type: Roadside
GPS: n/a
Map Quad: n/a
Elevation: n/a
Land: Private (Commercial)
Fee: Yes – Check current rates and/or make reservations
Restrictions: Overnight only (no day use)
Usage: High
Visibility: High
Temp: 100-104
Water Clarity: Clear
Odor: Sulfur
pH: n/a
Area Features: Rogue Valley
Closest Food/Gas: Ashland, OR
Trash: Low
Bugs: Moderate
Wildlife: Moderate
Camping: No
Clothing Optional: No (yes in private quarters)
Pit Toilet: Yes