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Lucky Seven (Easterday) Hot Springs

Easterday Hot Springs, also known as Lucky Seven Hot Springs or McDermitt Hot Springs, is a secluded hot spring located in the high desert of southeastern Oregon, roughly 8 miles north of the Oregon-Nevada border near McDermitt on a rutted dirt road just off US 95.

Easterday Hot Springs North of McDermitt

These are undeveloped hot springs, meaning there are no facilities or amenities. It’s a completely natural experience. The hot water comes from multiple seeps in the Hot Spring Hills, forming a hot creek that winds its way through the desert for over two miles.

Here’s some information to consider if you’re planning a soak at Easterday Hot Springs:

  • Temperature: The water temperature at the source ranges between 120°F and 126°F (49°C – 52°C).
  • Accessibility: The road to the hot springs can be rough and is recommended for high-clearance vehicles only. The road may become impassable during wet weather.
  • Camping: Free dispersed camping on nearby BLM land.
  • Amenities: There are no bathrooms, changing facilities, or trash cans at Easterday Hot Springs. Be sure to pack everything you need and leave no trace behind.

Easterday Hot Springs offers a remote soaking experience in a beautiful desert landscape. Just be prepared for the rustic conditions and be sure to respect the environment.

Lucky Seven Soak Stats:

Nearby hot springs: Willow Creek, Alvord and Bog
GPS: 42.032222, -117.933333
Map quad: McDermitt SW (USGS)
Land: BLM
Fee: No
Clothing-optional: Yes
Camping: Yes
Pit-toilet: No

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