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Snively Hot Springs

Snively Hot Springs in Eastern Oregon

Snively Hot Springs Map

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Snively GPS Coordinates

43.7303, -117.20314 (updated)



8 thoughts on “Snively Hot Springs”

  1. Snively Hot Springs is usually taken care of pretty well, although sometimes can be trashed. The hot springs is walled off from the river by tarp dams and rocks. I’ve visited it a couple of times and enjoyed it best at dusk. The scenery is rugged but the hot springs is right off the road at a rest/picnic area so not a lot of hiking. Lots of birds, fish and sometimes deer…haven’t seen a rattlesnake yet but I
    know they are there. Looking for an easy place to access this one’s for you.

  2. Soaked at Snively today 4-24-14. It is a large shallow pool constructed of stone on the bank of the river. Water temperature can be adjusted by how much river water is allowed through the handmade rock wall. The water is clean and the bottom is nice river gravel. It is on BLM ground with two parking areas and one john building. It was frequented by lots of folks during our afternoon/eve visit. BLM has posted “no overnight camping, closed sunset to sunrise”. This is a soak I would return to.

  3. Went and soaked end of Oct 2015, amazingly large stone pools with varying temperature the closer to the bank you get. No crowds.

  4. Spring is looking pretty nice. Much of the pools have been rebuilt. The largest pool still needs lots of work, but we spent a few hours on it this week 🙂 Please do not bring glass bottles and clean up any trash that any bros have left behind. My brother had a 2″ shard of glass in his foot after stepping into the big pool. Also, someone pooped at the edge of the pool…don’t hesitate to call OSP on gross litterbugs! OSP: (541) 889-6469

  5. This is my favorite spot. The pools seem to be constantly changing by the hot springs angels that work their magic. There have been times when the mix of the hot and cold water is not as great…but I love this place anyway. I never know what I might be immersing into.
    The scenery on the drive there, and the scenery while visiting, is breathtaking.
    I have visited summer, fall, winter, and spring.

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