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Summer Lake Hot Springs Resort

Summer Lake Hot Springs

Two hours south of Bend in the United States’s Great Basin region awaits the 125 acre Summer Lake Hot Springs, a commercial-style soak known for possessing a natural appeal.

Summer Lake Hot Springs at Sunset

Summer Lake features geothermally heated cabins, guest houses, a campground, RV hookups and most importantly, natural rock and indoor pools.


Owned by Duane Graham since 1988, Summer Lake Hot Springs is one of Oregon’s greenest hot soaks; intended as a model of green building and design practices in order to provide visitors with the experience of living in balance with nature. Summer Lake also plays host to the occasional festival and workshop.

Thanks in part to being located among numerous alkaline lakes in Oregon’s high desert region, Summer Lake provides access to a bountiful supply of outdoor recreation opportunities.

Summer Lake Hot Springs

Summer Lake Hot Springs Driving Directions & Map

Summer Lake Hot Springs is located 6 miles northwest of the town Paisley on Highway 31 at mile marker 92.

Summer Lake Hot Springs Video

Summer Lake Hot Springs Soak Stats:

Season: All
Type: Roadside
GPS: 42.725, 120.646
Elevation: n/a
Land: Private (Commercial)
Fee: Yes – Check current rates and/or make reservations (541) 943-3931
Restrictions: Day use and overnight fees
Usage: Moderate
Visibility: High
Temp: 100-104
Water Clarity: Moderate
Odor: n/a
pH: n/a
Area Features: High Desert
Closest Food/Gas: Paisley
Trash: Low
Bugs: Moderate
Wildlife: High
Camping: Paid on-site
Clothing Optional: No in bathhouse
Pit Toilet: Yes

October Vacation & Nevada , Summer Lake 045

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Before you go...

Finding the right hot springs is just the first step. Elevate your soak from good to phenomenal with essential equipment:

✅ Extra large quick-drying towels.
Water shoes to protect your feet.
✅ Trusted Nalgene water bottle.
✅ Oregon map for your car and pack.

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10 thoughts on “Summer Lake Hot Springs Resort”

  1. What a great place to stay. Very rustic, beautiful scenery, and friendly staff. It’s a wonderful getaway fron the valley rain in the winter!

  2. This is another family favorite both in the barn & out in the pool. Kids love it with the basketball hoop in the pool. Great on a cold spring camping trip!

  3. went and car camped on a 25 degree night. needless to say we pretty much had the place to our selves. what a beautiful place. the water was warm(not hot)and silky to the touch. did the big tub two times and the outdoor tubs just once. had a blast. nice people that work there

  4. I love these springs. I went years ago with a friend, bless her soul, who taught me to be comfortable with who I am. It was nice to go clothing on with my children in the day and late at night under the moon light and looking up at the stars naked and feeling as one with mother earth, listening and watching the thunder storms over the horizon was on memory I will never forget. Breath taking. A moment I found myself and where I was meant to be. As one with nature.

  5. This place is heavenly. We stayed in the 3-bedroom cabin, which was rustic but clean. Next time I think we will camp. The pool was great for kids and the rock pools were amazing under the stars at night for the adults. Will definitely be back!

  6. I went here in mid October. what a beautiful place. I met a wonderful young woman (Rachel) who taught me about Watsu and heart to heart hugs. I fell in love with her and this place. I will be back often and stay long.

  7. Bob Reed again—Now that the weather is starting to warm up, I look forward to returning to Summer Lake. I had such a great time there in mid October 2016.

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