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Borax Lake Hot Springs

Borax Lake Hot Springs Near Fields in Oregon

A small lake on BLM land north of Fields in the Alvord Desert. Borax Lake is fed by 95-degree thermal vents and typically only feels warm during summer. It is adjacent to an old Borax Works station were borax was mined and carted by mule train to Winnemucca, NV. The remains of the station are still visible.

The lake itself takes a bit of dusty, bumpy driving to reach. There are ways to drive all the way in if you are not interested in walking or biking from the gates.

Borax Lake Hot Springs

Be aware that the tiny sand/clay particles can be rough on your vehicle and will seep into just about everywhere. Don’t forget to bring lots of water either.

Borax Lake Hot Springs Map and Directions

Oregon Hot Springs Map

Borax Lake Hot Springs is located on BLM land and contains extremely high levels of arsenic and is not safe for soaking.

Little Borax Lake Hot Springs

Borax Lake Hot Springs Soak Stats:

Season: All – Access roads impassable when wet
Type: Roadside/Hike
GPS: 42.327 118.602
Map Quad: BORAX LAKE 7.5
Elevation: 4,060
Land: BLM
Fee: No
Restrictions: None
Usage: Low
Visibility: Low
Temp: Up to 95
Water Clarity: Clear
Odor: n/a
pH: n/a
Area Features: Alvord Desert
Nearby Hot Springs: Alvord, Mickey
Closest Food/Gas: Fields
Trash: Low
Bugs: Moderate
Wildlife: Moderate/High
Camping: Nearby, no on-site
Clothing Optional: Yes
Pit Toilet: No

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Before you go...

Finding the right hot springs is just the first step. Elevate your soak from good to phenomenal with essential equipment:

✅ Extra large quick-drying towels.
Water shoes to protect your feet.
✅ Trusted Nalgene water bottle.
✅ Oregon map for your car and pack.

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  1. Luke warm lake, and very hot undeveloped pools. Not the place to go if you are looking for a traditional style hot soak. Also, the water is very high in Arsenic. Drive 15 miles north to Alvord Springs instead!

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