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Alvord Hot Springs

Once free, now commercial – Alvord Hot Springs rides again. The old, free Alvord Hot Springs that we have all come to know and love over the years is gone as of early 2013. The Davis Family (owners) have torn down the old structure and built a new one complete with a parking lot, general store, bunkhouses, bathrooms, campsites, showers and an on-site caretaker.

The two large concrete tank pools surrounded by decking and benches with a covered room off to the side retain much, if not all, of their former glory.

Alvord Hot Springs

Alvord Hot Springs is located in Harney County, approximately 87 miles southeast of Burns, Oregon. The last few miles are on a dirt road, so be sure to have a vehicle suitable for rough terrain. One of the unique features of the hot springs is its location in the Alvord Desert, a vast expanse of a dry lakebed. The nearby Steens Mountain Wilderness is also home to a variety of wildlife, including bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope, and migratory birds.

Alvord Hot Springs Map and Directions

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Alvord can be reached via the Fields-Denio Road (East Steens Road) from either the north (from Burns) or the south (from Fields). From the north, drive approximately 41 miles south on the dirt Fields-Denio Road from Highway 78. From the south, drive 23 miles north (12 miles paved) to reach the signed Alvord Hot Springs.

Alvord Hot Springs

Alvord Hot Springs Video


Alvord Hot Springs Soak Stats:

Season: All
Type: Roadside
GPS: 42.544 118.533
Elevation: 4,080 ft
Land: Private (Commercial)
Fee: Yes
Restrictions: Overnight reservations are recommended, day use soakers must call in advance – phone: 541-589-2282
Usage: High
Visibility: Moderate
Temp: Adjustable via wood plugs
Water Clarity: Semi-Clear
Odor: Sulfur
pH: n/a
Area Features: Steens Mountain, Alvord Desert
Nearby Hot Springs: Borax Lake, Mickey
Closest Food/Gas: Fields
Trash: Low
Bugs: Low-None
Wildlife: Moderate
Camping: On-site and nearby
On-Site Amenities: Bunkhouse, paid campsites, general store
Clothing Optional: Yes
Pit Toilet: Yes

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  1. Lovely place on an old ancient lakebed. Nice adjustable temperature hot springs. Clean bathrooms and camping too

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