Radium Hot Springs

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  1. I understand. I found you on facebook, hope you don’t mind. I really liked your pictures of Radium. I recognized it, and recalled that one of the main reasons I liked it was that the land was so pretty, although the grove had been developed into a picnic area– the development was minimal. But the footprint of the pool is still the same, and I suppose the pipes from the spring are original equipment? The water looks clear and seems, from the steam rising, it is still as warm as I remember. When I was a boy, I also used to swim in Medical Springs (over in Union county), but that had been abandoned before I was born, ‘swim at your own risk even then!’ It was so old that the bottom of the pool had 4 inches of concrete crumbles in it. Anyway, does your family have any plans for Radium? Are they going to develop it? Is it for sale?

  2. It’s fine finding me on facebook, I’m a friendly guy 🙂 I believe that it is all original pipes running to the pool, the spring is covered with rock, but when I was a kid it was open. Radium is developed as much as it can be, it is all considered wetlands and cannot be developed any further, it can not have any more buildings constructed not even a shop to work in. The only way to “build” a changing room was use a portable cabin. It is pretty warm, and can be turned up to be so hot u can’t get in.
    I’ve driven by Medical Springs a bunch and have seen some kids swimming in it once. I always wondered if they were supposed to be there.

  3. Funny to see this on here!!!!! And comments from Lumpy!!!! He passed away but the Internet age leaves lots of finger prints long after your gone.

    Radium is still closed to the public.

  4. Looking for hot springs on our way home from Yellowstone and saw farmer lumpy posted on here, what a trip! Miss him so much…he told me this story often after your family bought the springs. gone but not forgotten! RIP friend.happy birthday…and happy birthday to you too, Jesse, aka twin # 2!
    Andrea, Sean and scarlett

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