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Hart Mountain Hot Springs

Hart Mountain Hot Springs and National Antelop Refuge in Southern Oregon


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Hart Mountain Hot Spring - Primitive

25 thoughts on “Hart Mountain Hot Springs”

  1. Hi there planning to head up there next week anyone have an idea where the best spot is on the mountain to hunt for opals ?? Thanks

  2. I camped at the hot spring camping area August 7. I did find it disturbing that the campground was full of hunters! the non-hunting area is a very small circle in the middle of a huge “wildlife refuge”. there were hunters everywhere. And I got about 5 spider mite bites. So they are definitely there. It is a very strange, eerily beautiful place. I saw a few antelope, but definitely would have preferred it without the strong hunter energy!

  3. Is clothing required here? I’m trying to find a hot sitting that is suitable for young girls. I want to show my girls the natural beauty but feel it would be inappropriate for them to see people naked

  4. Clothing has never been enforced when I have been, especially considering how remote the location is. That being said, the location is enclosed and you can simply wait a few minutes, people have always been very respectful of this sort of thing. I would avoid the weekend of the third Friday of July, that is the OOTA yearly retreat and they make it quite crowded.

  5. Thinking about heading here sometime in the next week. What’s the access like in the winter? Is there much snow? Will it be difficult to get to the camping area?

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