Hart Mountain Hot Springs

Hart Mountain Hot Springs and National Antelop Refuge in Southern Oregon


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Hart Mountain Hot Spring - Primitive

25 thoughts on “Hart Mountain Hot Springs”

  1. Read your comment regarding opal on Hart. Been looking for the area for a few years. Do you have any clues you would be willing to share?

  2. During the limited entry hunts the place is crowded. I had a tag Sept 5 and showed up two days early. I got one of the last two sites in the hot spring camp ground. There was never a crowd in the hot spring. Avoid the hunt dates and you should be fine.

  3. Thanks for posting! How was the camping grounds? Is it free to camp there? Is there a fee for the hot spring?

  4. Toni Harris Foster

    There were no fees when we were there of any kind. Camping areas each have a fire ring with a cooking grate. Very beautiful area.

  5. Hi there planning to head up there next week anyone have an idea where the best spot is on the mountain to hunt for opals ?? Thanks

  6. I camped at the hot spring camping area August 7. I did find it disturbing that the campground was full of hunters! the non-hunting area is a very small circle in the middle of a huge “wildlife refuge”. there were hunters everywhere. And I got about 5 spider mite bites. So they are definitely there. It is a very strange, eerily beautiful place. I saw a few antelope, but definitely would have preferred it without the strong hunter energy!

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