Three Forks Warm Spring Directions

Travel 30 miles east on U.S. 95 from Burns Junction. Continue past the tiny community of Rome. Watch for a sign reading “Three Forks 35” at mile marker 36 and turn south. Stay on the main dirt road about 30 miles until reaching a T-junction. From there, go right 2.7 miles to the canyon rim by an old corral.

The final 1.3 mile drop into the canyon is very steep and rocky. Do not attempt this with a low-clearance vehicle. And, if it is raining or wet – you should not even be out here DANGER! These powdery, dry roads turn to impassible muck and mud when it rains. One you drop down (easy hike BTW) a handful of BLM camping options await. From here, it is three-miles to the warm springs, which is semi/sorta drive-able. Take the easy hike instead.

The warm springs are located on both sides of the river. Please do not attempt crossing during high water season.

Keep in mind that there are a couple different ways to reach Three Forks Warm Spring.


Three Forks Warm Spring Video