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  1. Road to Umpqua Hot Springs in Oregon Temporarily Closed for Winter

    Recent snow at Toketee, OR, and more snow forecasted, prompted Forest Service employees to close a gate to the road leading to the Umpqua Hot Springs.  If the snow eases up, you can call the Toketee Ranger Station at 541-498-2531 to find out if the gate has been re-opened.

    Visitors planning to soak in the Umpqua Hot Springs on the Umpqua National Forest, near Toketee, should plan to hike, snow shoe, or ski the last 2.5 miles.   A temporary gate just past the junction of Forest Roads 34 and 3401 is installed to prevent vehicles from getting stuck in the snow on the way to the hot springs.  Visitors are cautioned that as snow melts near the gate, often icy roads and snowy conditions exist further up the road to the hot springs.

    Closing the gate will address public safety by limiting vehicle access to a plowed parking area at the junction of the two roads. This action comes at the request of the Douglas County Sheriff’s office and Toketee residents to gate the road during the winter months to reduce adverse impacts on the Sheriff’s office and search and rescue personnel.  Douglas County responded to about 165 calls for service at the hot springs from 2003 to 2010, resulting in multiple search-and-rescue calls. “Last year was the first time we closed the gate during winter, and  as a result, there were no search and rescue calls to the hot springs,” according to Aaron Grimes, Forest Recreation Staff.

    Visitors are encouraged to be prepared for adverse weather and winter road conditions when heading out to enjoy the winter beauty of the hot springs.  “There are no trash receptacles at the site, so, whatever you pack in please pack out, so that we can maintain the beauty of the site,” stated Grimes.  Temperatures at Umpqua Hot Springs range from 92-102 degrees Fahrenheit.

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