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  • Mountain Matt

    Had a great soak here in the silence of winter 06. Saw only 1 car in the two days we were there. Beautiful.
    Thanks for posting the photos CG. I saw the photos of the abused bath house. Bummer.

  • Dan B

    We stopped through on our way back to Pendleton after memorial day. I’ve been through here probably half a dozen times, and this is the first time I’ve been disappointed. Someone had evidently used the pool to take a soapy bath, and the inlet pipes were all in disarray, so no fresh water was circulating, hence a very disagreeable soapy scum. Perhaps since Carl is gone, no one is caring for this place any longer. Anyway, I wonder what kind of inconsiderate idiot uses something like this with soap. :^(

  • AC

    Just stopped in on April 6 and 7, it was great! The open pool was hot and relaxing, while the sheltered pool was kind of cold. No trash to be seen, overall it was awesome!!!

  • Lydia

    I just stumbled upon this post of yours with the “Related Links” at the bottom that included (in the middle) a link to my blog post about Steens/The Alvord Desert and Hot Springs. Thank you so much!

  • Jim Miller

    I found it a great place to have a good private soak, locals antd tourists use it, in turn, clothing optional, if used in turn. It’s a short walk from the road, two pools of differents temps, 5 degrees apart, or so.

  • mark

    You have a great list of hot springs. I know that from year to year, the conditions of hot springs vary.

  • HSG

    Alvord Hot Springs as we knew it for years as a public soak is no more… the Davis family has torn down the structure and replaced it with a new one and now charges $5/soak.

    Here’s more:


  • Joe Scott

    Sadly, the Alvord Hot Springs is history. Don’t even waste your time. With any luck, some redneck with a front-end loader will just backfill the pools with steer carcasses and playa dust, and finish off the job they started a couple of years ago… That’s about when the property owners decided to convert this tiny magic dot of wild hope in the desert into a pay-to-play roadside beer stand. Do the property owners have a right to turn this rare and soul-cleansing jewel into a “business”? According to Oregon law, of course they do – but there’s a difference between “rights” and what’s RIGHT. It shouldn’t take a genius to figure out exactly how much NOTHING a mid-desert pay-by-the-hour hot tub is going to turn in profits – even if you manage foist some cheese curls and a liter of diet Mr. Pibb on that once-a-month Land Rover full of German tourists who got lost on their way to Winnemucca. A scenic jaunt across central Nevada should make that abundantly clear. So – you say a naked hippy pooped by your spring? … And it was ‘cuz they ate a cheeseburger at Fields Station? CHRIST SAVE US FROM CHEESEBURGER POOP. You say somebody’s going to singe their lip on a faulty bong and sue you? Oh yeah – here comes a thundering heard of them thar big city lawyers from Burns, chicken little.
    Best of luck to y’all – and the Alvord Hot Springs, LLC.

  • anonymous amazon

    You’d think a “live-in caretaker” would make this place safe. But a friend and I had a narrow escape recently, and it was one of the caretaker’s creeper friends who was threatening us, while the caretaker did not do much at all. The creep’s opening line when he arrived was, “Are you two girls naked? Want to come home with me and my friend?” and things degenerated from there. When we left, they followed us on the trail out of the hot springs, and to the parking lot. We got in our car, locked the doors, and started to drive off, but they got in their giant redneck truck and pulled up alongside us, asking where we were camping that night. We told them that was none of their business, and made them leave first so they couldn’t follow us. We saw them head down the road to where they suspected we were camping, and so we booked it south (the opposite direction). They noticed we weren’t coming, obviously. And as we went, we watched for them. With their headlights glimmering in my rearview mirror, we kept driving and driving until we reached Nevada and slept in my car, holding knives all night. Thank goodness it wasn’t any worse. Not going back there anytime soon.

  • stormrider

    This type of activity should be reported to officials, especially since it is a “paid “site! I visited this beautiful spring several times in the past, my last was just as the owners were starting their development project which boded badly as these posts suggest… for shame for shame!