Use the statewide Google map below to locate hot springs in Oregon. Every known hot springs in Oregon is listed, click on map markers for location and additional information.

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Oregon Hot Springs Map: Select an Oregon Hot Springs marker on the map above to view additional information.

Note: Please contact us if you notice a missing hot springs or one with an incorrect location. Thanks!

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  1. Called the Blue Mountain Hot Springs Guest Ranch today. They, and the hot springs, have been closed for 8 years according to the elderly woman who answered the phone……

  2. visited kropp, either the coordinates are incorrect or the hotsprings is inactive… nothing to see but snow, ice, marshland, cows, and a no tresspassing sign.


    Hunters Hot Springs, “Old Perpetual” Geyser, and the surrounding wetlands are already being negatively effected from a geothermal well just 100 feet from the geyser. The Town of Lakeview is selling the hot water to heat the Warner Creek Correctional Facility, and now plan to DOUBLE THE OUTPUT for geothermal power generation. Their studies have found that this will have an impact from between 3 feet and 200 feet below ground, completely draining the surrounding springs, pots, wetlands, and ponds (including the pond home to “Old Perpetual” Geyser).

    PLEASE!!! go to
    and sign the petition

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