Austin Hot Springs

Austin Hot Springs Clackamas River Oregon

Approximately 60 miles outside of Portland along Highway 224 lies Austin Hot Springs. This natural hot spring, heated by volcanic activity, sits in and along the Clackamas River, among the pristine trees of the Mt. Hood National Forest.

Austin Hot Springs

There could be several rock pools along the river suitable for qualification depending on the season.

Signs Posted Summer 2019

Please be aware of Austin’s 200+ degree bursts of hot water and use extreme caution when soaking in this spring. There are suitable spots to soak, just be very careful to not scald yourself. A waterproof digital thermometer (buy on paid link) can help locate burst zones.

Austin Hot Springs Map and Directions

From Estacada, travel 30 miles southeast on HWY 224, which becomes the Clackamas River Road. Approximately 4 miles east of River Ford Campground the pools can be found nestled along the far side of the Clackamas River.

Austin Hot Springs Video

Tour of the natural and beautiful Austin Hot Springs, Oregon!

Austin Hot Springs, Oregon was GORGEOUS! We took off on a crisp morning and headed over the mountain to soak in some natural hot springs, it was so relaxing and we took full advantage!

Austin Hot Springs Soak Stats:

Season: Summer, Fall (avoid during spring runoff, access road often closed during winter – check road conditions)
Type: Roadside
GPS: 45.021 122.009
Map Quad: FISH CREEK MTN. 15 (or Mount Hood National Forest Map)
Elevation: 1,750
Land: Private
Fee: No
Restrictions: Officially closed
Usage: High
Visibility: High
Temp: 116-105 (use thermometer)
Water Clarity: Semi-Clear
Odor: n/a
pH: n/a
Area Features: Clackamas River
Closest Food/Gas: Estacada
Trash: High
Bugs: Moderate-High (seasonally)
Wildlife: Moderate
Camping: Nearby, no on-site
Clothing Optional: Mix
Pit Toilet: No
Classic Photo: Oregon Historical Society 1920s

32 thoughts on “Austin Hot Springs”

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  2. you can hike or ski into there in the winter but distance all depends on how far from the ranger station they plow the road. One bit of advice is set up camp before you soak. We failed that our first time and had trouble putting up our tents after soaking as it drained us of needed energy.

  3. Made the trip here today. Road was open, just a bit of construction at mi. marker 38 had to wait 10 minutes. Unfortunately the pools were all cold from the fast flowing river. What a beautiful site of a spring right on the river though with steam bellowing. Hope to attempt again in spring.
    The amounts of trash at and around this site is so sad. And whoever put carpet in a river bed is an idiot. Couldn’t reach it to pull it out but this place definitely needs a clean up.

  4. I have been going to Austin longer than it has been popular and the carpet in nasty. There is no need for it. If you feel you need something under yourself when you go into the springs you should bring something that you can take out yourself. This is a natural area not an area to leave carpet for your relaxation spot.

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