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Welcome to SoakOregon.com! Almost every hot springs in Oregon is listed here, complete with a statewide map, regional listing, individual hot springs maps, GPS coordinates and map quads.

Most hot springs listings on this website have descriptions, directions, access information, pictures and video. Access a list of all hot springs in Oregon by using the 3 bar menu located at the top-right of every page.

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No Soap, Shampoo or BIO-Soap/Shampoo Allowed in Hot Springs!

Public hot springs in Oregon are not bathing facilities and do not have ‘plumbing’ like that of commercial, improved hot springs. Soap and shampoo (including biodegradable soap and shampoo) do not completely breakdown naturally. This pollutes our water systems (ingested by fish, animals, humans) at or near the source. This is also illegal in most wilderness and public lands areas. Report suspicious activity to corresponding regional public lands officials (take pictures).

Oregon Hot Springs Etiquette

Leave No Trace

Please pack out everything you bring to natural hot springs and remove all trash encountered (even if it’s not your own). These rare, sacred places are in dire need of our preservation efforts.

Don’t forget to check Oregon road conditions and pick up a trusty hot springs guidebook.

37 thoughts on “Oregon Hot Springs Directory”

  1. It is crazy that all these hot springs are all near or to the east of the Cascade mountain range. Although, it makes sense when you think about it. Volcanic activity is still present in the area. The presence of magma deep underground heats it up.
    Dig my Minecraft warriors!

  2. Syrena Rainbow Nicholson

    How can there be so many private/pay hot springs in Southwest Oregon but no public/free ones? It doesn’t make sense. It seems like if there’s one hot spring in an area then surely there must be more? I realize that southern Oregon is full of hippies that must have at some point had this same idea and yet, there are still no free hot springs in Southwest Oregon? Do I just need to go hiking more often? Am I incorrect in my assumption that one spring could possibly mean other undiscovered springs out there? Thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

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