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Help Keep Snively Hot Springs Open

Snively Hot Springs Steam

It’s happening – agian. But this time the jackholes have finally got the attention of the BLM and Sherrif in the form of increased patrols. According to a recent news release, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Vale District is asking/warning the public to help protect the natural resources at Snively Hot Springs Recreation Site on the Owyhee River.

Snively Hot Springs Steam
Snively Hot Springs Steam

Snively is currently closed from sunset to sunrise, and camping is not allowed. However, the BLM has seen a staggering increase in violations of these rules over the past few months, which has led to damage to natural resources and increased criminal activity. Anyone caught violating the rules at Snively Hot Springs could face citations, fines or even arrest.

Historically, there have always been problems with bad behavior at Snively, but not to this extent. If this trend continues we risk losing management of this special place to a private organization or could even see it closed.

Here are some tips for protecting Snively Hot Springs:

  • Stay on maintained roads
  • Respect the nighttime closure (dusk to dawn) and no camping rules
  • Leave no trace – pack out all of your trash and all other trash encountered (even if it’s not yours)
  • Read our guide to hot springing
  • Check the pools for needles or other sharp objects, food and human waste before getting in
  • Report any violations to the BLM Vale District or Malheur Sheriff’s Office

Thank you for your help in keeping Snively Hot Springs a clean and safe place for everyone to enjoy.

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