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COVID-19 Oregon Hot Springs Closures

Oregon Closed Hot Springs

Greetings fellow soak seekers! We’re all a bit stir crazy and missing our hot springs adventures. Below are the latest updates we are aware of.

Public Hot Springs on National Forest and BLM Land:

  • ALL PUBLIC HOT SPRINGS are closed until September 30th unless otherwise noted, or until Governor Brown lifts the closure. This applies to BLM, Forest Service, and State Park areas.
  • Cougar Hot Springs opened July 6th with the following restrictions: Up to 15 people allowed in at a time. Max soak time is 2 hours. Day use fee is $7. Access is first come, first serve.
  • McCredie – open for day use only

Individual, Commercial Hot Springs:

We will keep this as up to date as possible. Love goes out to our fellow community of strong, caring hot springers. Please comment if you have updates to share!

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