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Fight the Good Fight with

Soak Oregon Activism

I know I know. GASP! An actual blog post from SoakOregon! What!?

That’s right soak seekers. is stoked to announce that a portion of the site is now dedicated to good causes!

And, with that here are the first 4 good causes that are now live in rotation on the site.

  1. Adopt-a-pet
  2. Advocates for the West
  3. Buffalo Field Campaign
  4. Never Cry Wolf

FYI, SoakOregon doesn’t make any money promoting good causes. As it should be. However, if you know of a good cause drop us a line and we’ll see if we can get it in rotation.

Site News

SoakOregon has updated listings for Bigelow, Blue Mountain, Cougar and Jackson Wellsprings with more to come. Travel tips including important seasonal dates were added to Oregon road conditions.

Geothermal News

If you possess an affinity for neighboring geothermal laced Idaho, here’s a stellar guide to the best hot springs for cross-country skiing and yurt adventures.


Check Oregon road conditions View statewide map of hot springs What to bring to the hot springs Hot springs guidebooks


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