Radium Hot Springs

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  1. The place was originally closed because of the health department. They will never allow it to reopen, the water table is almost at the same level as the pool, and that doesn’t allow for restrooms. Unfortunately it also has a lot of hazards and cracks in the cement. The original buildings are gone, a new house sits in the old houses place and a portable cabin serves as the only changing room. All of the fiberglass fencing is gone and the wind is atrocious most of the day. It is definitely NOT the hot springs you would remember. 🙁

  2. I grew up in Baker and have fond memories of our little hot springs pool. Are visitors permitted any more?

  3. Hi Lumpy– If I were to happen to be in the area, could I come over and just look if I were to call ahead?

  4. You can try to come look, it always depends on who is there. To be honest my parents get so many people that ignore the “Closed to the Public” signs that they are very annoyed. My aunt on the other hand likes to show it off, but we won’t let anyone swim. The pool is too damaged to let people in.

  5. Thanks Lumpy. Is there a phone number I could call? I remember the pool with no crack damage, a viewing gallery, dressing room, fully enclosed with a standard diving board, metal slide and high dive platform, so it will be quite different now!

  6. That is probably the best way to remember it, The pool is almost 100 years old, it is full of cracks, the changing rooms are gone along with the slide and diving board and viewing gallery. I don’t think giving out my parents number is a good thing for me if I want to keep using the pool.

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