Ritter Hot Springs

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The Pool

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16 thoughts on “Ritter Hot Springs”

  1. Look out for the closet christens this place should be named the Venus flytrap its a closit christen ministry and the people who own it are first class bigots They don’t like people who question there nonsense or tell another truth. The hot springs are run down and dangerous. The electrical system is a disaster. If you tell the owners what you might believe in you will be sorry.

  2. We just spent 2 nights at Ritter Hot Springs and had a wonderful time. We had never been there before but thought of it as an adventure. We were on a 5 night 6 day camping trip through Central Oregon and this was our furthest destination spot. It was rustic but well worth the trek. Next time and there will be a next time, we might rent 1 of the very nice cabins if we can. The kids had a blast swimming in the pool. We met some very nice people including the owner.

  3. It would be very helpful if the “official website” mentioned that they are CLOSED from Labor Day to Memorial Day. The site said “open for the season” but didn’t state what the season was. We arrived after driving for 5 hours to find the place closed. We were very angry and will never attempt to visit the hot springs again. I might suggest that whoever is in charge of the site to update it if they are interested in future business from others outside the area. Maybe even posting a sign up at highway 395 that says “Ritter Hot Springs is Closed” would at least save some time driving the 10+ miles on a curvy road that seemed they chased a snake to construct it.

  4. We visited Ritter’s and it was very difficult to find. It was run down to say the least. The place was in very poor shape, the pool was closed for the season. The small cabins across from the pool did not look very clean. There were sheets hanging in the windows as curtains. To get to the hot springs you had to walk across an old bridge and up a small trail, fine. Then you arrive at the bath houses. They were disgusting and falling apart. We didn’t stay. Rustic in fine, but this was much worse than rustic. Guess we will continue the search.

  5. my husband and I just spent 3 months at ritter hot springs and we thought it to be great. the people who do not like it there don’t have to be there because it was nice to not have snuffy crowds. the people who run ritter are very nice people and not closet Christians. everyone has an opinion though.

  6. What is wrong with a Christian having an establishment? Was not this country built by the steadfast, sturdy faith of our fathers? I loved it, too. It’s rustic, and you definitely get what you pay for. These people keep Sabbath (the owners). They run it the way they see it. That’s their business, but there are decent and “historical” accommodations. For people looking for a way to get out and soak and still have a motel type setting, this place is ideal. Just “my” opinion.

  7. I have been going to this place with my family reunion for years and yes it is very primitive, but the rooms are clean with clean bedding on all beds. The cabins are very nice. Yes it is run by a Christian Seventh Day Adventist, but he doesn’t shove his Christianity on anyone. He is a very nice individual who tells his guests very interesting stories.

  8. This Place is Rustic, Nestled away, a Beautiful drive, This Place has much Character, The people are splendid, Always wonderful guests, as our the Owners, Just down to earth folks…You always come home feeling at peace, Come stocked up with food, books, and pool items and you will have a relaxing time.. We always stay in the Cabins which are very well accomodating, lots of beds, Clean, and the prices are wonderful.. It is not Fancy, but it’s peaceful.. If you want a down to earth environment you will love this..

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