Hot Springs in Oregon

Welcome to! Every hot springs located within the state of Oregon is listed here, complete with statewide map, individual hot springs maps, map quads and GPS coordinates.

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Oregon Hot Springs Map

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  • Taraschance

    this is really rad!

  • Peter

    You know that this Geothermal energy is very important.  As much as I would hate to see a warm spring go people need to get power from somewhere.  I am in total support of the geothermal power since it is so clean.  Would you rather have another dam built?

  • camper trailers

    i love hot springs..very relaxing!

  • disqus_CPFHZxW6JV

    Peter, wait till your in your 60’s with bad arthritis and then tell me how you feel about people and hot springs.

  • Angela Rowe

    There are ecological impacts that are just not worth using this resource. There are other methods of NATURAL energy……solar, wind, and so on that could be used and NOT harm the environment. I purpose we focus or direction there in finding a better solution to our energy needs that would benefit all.

  • Miranda

    Geothermal is the next step to clean and RENEWABLE energy that taking us away from fossil fuels. Geothermal does not have detrimental impacts on the environment such as dams do. In order to move away from coal, oil, and nuclear we will have to have all renewable possibilities including wind, solar, AND geothermal. The upper 6 miles of the earth ‘s crust contains 50,000 as much energy found in all the world’s oil and gas reserves combined.

  • mjh

    My hunting buddy found a natural hot spring by Ukiah. He took me there during deer season this year. It is probably only known to locals as it is way off the beaten path. It is only about 2.5 feet deep and about 12 feet across. Very relaxing though.

  • tnakae

    Went to Three Forks Warm Spring. I have a Subaru impreza with a larger tires and a small lift. We made it the whole way to the spring. I would not recommend anything with less ground clearance. The water is about 95 degrees which is perfect on a 75 degree plus day. We went twice fist on a warm day and it was heaven. The second time it was 60 with a cold wind. Too cold! The 30 mile gravel road gets pretty sketchy when it is raining. Great place when its warm.

  • marla

    I would love comments on Eagles Hot Lake camping and hot springs. I went to the webpage for the campsite and they do not say wether the hot springs are available to use. Marla