Austin Hot Springs

Austin Hot Springs is CLOSED

Approximately 60 miles outside of Portland lies Austin Hot Springs. Austen is located on private land and is closed to the public. Please respect the landowner and do not visit this natural hot springs.

Austin Hot Springs

Additional Information

From the Johnson Creek Watershed Council on behalf of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs (CTWS):

Austin Hot Springs is a sacred site for numerous Native American peoples since time immemorial, the area was recently acquired by the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs (CTWS) but has been overrun and degraded by trespassers who have been destroying signs, fences, leaving trash, long term camping, and leaving human feces. This is more than people not understanding leave no trace; this is active desecration. CTWS does not want people using the area, for a variety of reasons: it is sacred tribal land and was purchased for the conservation of fish and wildlife (and is legally private property); there are no services/facilities at the site; trespassers use the site to dump their garbage; the springs themselves can be quite dangerous, with temperatures sometimes exceeding 200° F (that’s close to boiling, and hot enough to scald on contact; several people have been severely burned in this spot); and it is not possible for them to monitor the site for safety.

Classic Photo: Oregon Historical Society 1920s

32 thoughts on “Austin Hot Springs”

  1. Has anyone been up there lately? Wondering if it’s too early in the year to go being as you have wait for the river to be low enough.

  2. Hi,
    It was so interesting to see your trip to the Austin Hot Springs.

    I remember an occasion for visiting there maybe 40 years ago.

    I did not remember the name of the hot springs but I have described it a number of times and would be delighted to visit again.


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